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Welcome to guest strip week (where one week equals about 12 days [we added another!]). The brave souls who've agreed to compromise their integrity by appearing here have my thanks and admiration. Some of them I asked directly, some of them I left coy hints to. Others I held 'Marathon Man' style and coerced a strip from them ("Yes, it's safe... even if you don't do a journal comic yourself, it's so safe you wouldn't believe it"). They're all very cool people and I'm really happy they all agreed to take part.

2004 Guests

  • Edward J. Grug III of The Bizarre Life of Charlie Red Eye (along with Matt Langfield) over at Modern Tales. They are also the instigators of the Charlie Red Eye Sunday Specials (where I just had the pleasure of doing a guest strip!). Mr. Grug is also co-founder of The Theory Of Comics and has a set of journal comics that will be moving to webcomicsnation.com one day soon. He considers both Scarlet Johannson and Elvis Costello inspirations. And really, who can blame him? (June 26th, July 6th)

  • Mekka (aka Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer) from Mekka Blue. One heck of a nice guy and great fun to embarrass. In addition to discussing the innies and outies of nudity in webcomics, as seen here, Mekka also knows and awful lot about Immanuel Kant... whose last name is pronounced like a very dirty word. Mekka's guest strip is in homage to this strip of mine, which was, in turn, a comment on the controversy over this strip of his. The people spoke, and it all ended with a whimper and no bang. So to speak. Mekka Blue is part of the Journal Comic Jam and has been valiantly bugging Kean to add me. One day I will be as cool as Mekka, who inspired me to start a journal comic in the first place.
    And be sure to keep check out the guest sessions currently running at Mekka Blue! (June 27th)

  • Hef Gargit, lord of The Flash Gitz lives at a secret island fortress location and enjoys shooting reporters who seek him out. His henchmen are loyal, but ultimately end up falling into a pit of acid or a shark tank or taking the odd bullet. he's also a good friend of mine and insisted upon a bit of verse to go along with his guest strip... obviously I gave in. (June 28th)
    Much that once was, is lost
    For none now live who remember it.
    It began with the forging of the great Gargits.
    Three were given to the Elves:
    Immortal, wisest and fairest of all beings.
    Seven to the dwarf lords:
    Great miners and craftsmen of the mountain halls. And hella short.
    And nine, nine rings were gifted to the race of men who,
    above all else, desire pie.
    But they were, all of them, deceived;
    for another Gargit was made.
    One Gargit to 0wnz them all.


  • David Kerr from Worlds Away is addicted to learning new things, no matter what the physical or mental scars that may result. Drawing comics is just the latest fad, which he is sure to get over eventually. (June 29th)

  • Art Fink is one of my bestest friends and a really groovy artist. He also wears a fez and enjoys world domination. His non-world domination work can be seen at artfink.com. (June 30th)

  • Pancha and Elena Diaz from Perchance to Dream, an island world of memory, shadow, dreams and even pirates. It's all very familiar, yet somehow different... because Catherine made it that way. I love their webcomic. You should too. Pancha says this is based on the "phenomenon where people decide, after making sure that there are cars coming directly for them, to cross the street as slowly as they can, mere yards from a proper cross walk." I can certainly relate. (July 1st)

  • Andricongirl, a delightfully deviant artist who knows the importance of stompy boots. She also appreciates the finer points and the necessity for both pirates and robots in good art. hehe That grater joke still makes me giggle every time I go in the kitchen. (July 2nd)

  • Matt Bayliss and Monkey. Matt is from Cosmic Corsairs. Matt likes to draw scantily clad women (who doesn't?). And Monkey? She says, "I don't draw, but me rite good." Apparently they live together in some strange tribal custom called 'engagement'. Matt and I call each other "Lando" and "Solo", respectively, it's a long story... (July 3rd)

  • JohnnyK, representin' for America's day of independence, is played by Himself and does all his own stunts. He is also a very nice boy whose mother loves him but isn't so sure about those funny pictures he draws. He also deisgns t-shirts which allows him to spend hours locked away in his basement laboratory. The dead may be involved. He is also a cheerleader for Portland, Oregon band ThePlanetThe whom he describes as "the best band since Devo" and who will soon take over the world. (July 4th)

  • Tonia Walden has too many cats, apparently. She likes drawing angels and demons and the occasional fuzzy animal (or demon). She also enjoys publishing the occasional mini-comic. You can see more of her work at her Art Puppets site. You can also purchase 'Once Upon a Time', an mini anthology she published, at Phase Two. She has another in the works which I had the pleasure of participating in. :) (July 5th)

  • Chelsea Fritzlaff. This girl has more style in her left foot than I have in my whole body. You can see her entry in the OzComics 24hr Challenge right here. (But, adults only, please. This one ain't for the young'uns, maw.) Finally, angry ex-flatmates can reach Chelsea via E-Mail at bitterfornow@angryforlife.com (July 6th)

  • July 7th - Edward J. Grug sees us off with a joke from his little brother. (see artist's entry above) :)

Dates are AEDT (Australia).
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